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Water Treatment Plant
The Parsons Water Department provides potable water to approximately 4,700 customers within the service area. The average annual production of the Parsons Water Treatment Plant is 1.5 million gallons per day (MGD) or approximately 550 million gallons per year. The majority of the plant has the capacity to treat 4.5 MGD.

The current Parsons Water Treatment Plant went on line in November of 2001, and a change was made to the plant to create the current configuration of up-flow clarifiers with micro filtration. The plant uses activated carbon for taste and odor control, and fluoridation has been added for dental health.

Raw Water Improvements
The plant is currently undergoing raw water improvements to increase the efficiency and capacity of the plant. The improvements will replace the water intake pump from Labette Creek to provide increased pumping capacity and to create two pre-settling ponds to remove soils and natural materials that take time to settle out of the water. These new ponds will help to reduce treatment costs and will improve the quality of the final water product.

Water Sources
The city has two water sources, Lake Parsons (with a capacity of 3.27 billion gallons) and the Neosho River. Water is released from Lake Parsons into Labette Creek where it runs to the Parsons Water Treatment Plant. The lake can provide approximately 3.3 MGD to the plant. The city also has water rights on the Neosho River that can provide another 2 MGD in raw water supply.

Water Usage
Water produced by the city is used primarily within the city limits. However, the City does serve Neosho Rural Water District (RWD) No. 4 located north of Parsons, and Labette County RWD No. 5, located around the southern half of the city. The city also provides water to customers on the fringes of the city, but charges higher rates than those charged to city residents.

Joe Steverson
Water Plant Supervisor

1630 N. Lincoln
Parsons, KS 67357

Ph: 620-421-7091