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Newly Adopted Ordinances

A resolution is a formal decision of the governing body that is submitted in writing due to its importance or length. A resolution has a degree of importance somewhere between a regular motion and an ordinance. Some matters which are handled by ordinance in some cities are handled by resolution in other units of government.  For example, counties legislate by resolution rather than by ordinance. State statutes prescribe no form for resolutions and where the statutes do require an action by resolution, they state nothing more than a resolution shall be used.

Ordinances are the most formal acts taken by the governing body and have full force and effect of law. There are three basic types of ordinances: general, special, and appropriation.

  • General ordinances comprise the body of local law which governs the management of local affairs, the conduct of persons, the use of property, and other matters on which the city government exercises its power.
  • Special ordinances are passed for a single special purpose and lose their force when the purpose for which they were passed is accomplished.
  • Appropriation ordinances are simply ordinances used to authorize the payment of claims.

Newly Adopted Ordinances
This is not a complete list of city ordinances. The following contains copies of recently updated/repealed ordinances as approved by the Parsons City Commission.

If you are seeking the entire list of ordinances within the City of Parsons, check out our Municipal Code Book.