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Open Records Request

The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) requires that documents and materials that fall within KORA's definition of "public records" shall be open for inspection by any person unless specifically directed otherwise by law.  Except where public disclosure is expressly prohibited or where an exemption under KORA permits closure, all records relative to the operation of a government shall be available to any person requesting such records.

Certain records are specifically excluded under KORA such as personnel records and criminal investigation records. Other types of records are also excluded.

Making a Request for Public Record
When making a request for a public record, the request should be in writing and contain your name, address and daytime phone number, must be directed to the city clerk, and contain a specific description or title of the record requested. Here's the form.

Once a written request is received, the city clerk has three business days to act on the request.

When a Request is Denied
A request for records may be denied if the requested record is not covered by or is specifically excluded by KORA, or the requested record is a record required by law to be disclosed, but the request would create an unreasonable burden upon the public agency in producing the record or was made with the intent to disrupt the agency.