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KDOT Project 50 KA 6442-01 and 50 KA 6905-01

Public Works
The entire Public Works Department is responsible for streets, alleys, and stormwater structures in the the City of Parsons.

Street crews periodically patch potholes, seal cracks, and do major removal and replacement projects. They maintain alleys when reported by other city crews or the public and they periodically grade or gravel unpaved streets.

Maintenance, installation, and repair of street traffic signals and signs such as street markers, stop signs, and speed limit signs are also a responsibility of this department.

Additional Duties & Responsibilities
Other miscellaneous duties include ditch maintenance, providing barricades when needed, monitoring contractor sealing and overlay projects, snow removal, storm cleanup, and replacement of concrete curbs and sidewalks.

Evergy Link to Report a Street Light Out 
(must have identifying number from the pole)


Public Works Backhoe working