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Seating Information

Auditorium Layout
The Parsons Municipal Auditorium is comprised of two audience seating levels a main floor and a balcony, with a total capacity of 1,568. While the auditorium's house seats a large number of people, the room still has intimate feel as the last row of seats are only 90-feet from the front of the stage.
Main Floor Seating
The main floor features 998 plush, cushioned chairs that were added during the 1989 renovation. There are 10 designated wheelchair areas with companion seating at the back of the right and left seating sections. Additional wheelchair areas are available on the outside of the right and left sections.

Balcony Seating
The Balcony has 570 seats in its seven sections. With the exception of row F in the balcony right-center and left-center sections, all the chairs in the balcony are the original wooden seats complete with a wire hat rack under the seat. The balcony allows for an outstanding panoramic view of the stage.

Interesting Architectural Features
Some of the more interesting elements of the auditorium include:
  • Five custom-built chandeliers
  • Large exterior windows on each side of the seating area
  • A "U" shaped balcony that wraps from one side of the proscenium wall to the other
  • Brass handrails on both levels
  • The original wire hat racks on the bottoms of the wooden balcony seats
  • Intricate plaster molding designs on the proscenium opening

    Seating area

Seating Chart