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Neighborhood Revitalization

Thinking of making home or business improvements?

Before you do, consider applying for the City of Parsons Neighborhood Revitalization Program. This current tax rebate program (2019-2024) was created by the city and other taxing entities in Labette County to promote the revitalization and development of the neighborhoods within a defined area in the City of Parsons.

"Our hope with this program is to stimulate new construction, encourage housing rehabilitation, and even promote redevelopment throughout the community," said Kari West, City of Parsons Public Information Officer and Community Development Director.
Program Intentions
Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is intended to:

  • Revitalize and promote further development for the neighborhoods within the City of Parsons
  • Stimulate new construction and rehabilitation in the area
  • Promote conservation and redevelopment of the area in order to protect public health
  • Increase the safety and welfare of our residents by offering certain incentives, including tax rebates
  • For more information about the program or to get an application call 620-421-7030.

This particular incentive runs from 2019 through August 2024. In 2019, all of the Labette County tax entities reviewed the plan and agreed upon its continuation. The 2019-2024 Neighborhood Revitalization Program has been approved by the following taxing entities: City of Parsons, USD 503, USD 506, Labette Community College, and Labette County.

Informational Documents
Map of Area
2014-2019 Program Brochure