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Arboretum Board


  • Meets two time per year, plus one Annual Meeting of the general membership
  • Earl Siefert Visitor's Center, Parsons Arboretum
    21st Street & Briggs Avenue, Parsons, KS

Board Members

  • Kenneth Ervin, Chairman
  • Patrick McReynolds, Vice Chairman
  • Bev Browne, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Rich Proehl
  • Richard Tucker
  • Dr. Lyle Lomas
  • Debbie Hannigan
  • Laura Cunningham
  • John Bolander
  • Jacob Weber, Wildcat Extension District, Ex-Officio
LIfetime Honorary Members
  • Alan & Roberta Whetzel
Visitors' Center Attendants
  • Judy Ewan
  • Mildred Poor

Overview of the Arboretum (Tree Advisory) Board
The non-profit Parsons Arboretum Foundation, Inc., along with the City of Parsons, oversee the development of the Parsons Arboretum and Visitors Center. The Parsons Arboretum Foundation, Inc. supports the ongoing care and continued improvements of the Arboretum through financial donations of charter members and annual supporting members.