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Parsons Municipal Auditorium


Parsons Municipal Auditorium

112 S. 17th St.
ParsonsKS 67357


Events and Media Director

Facilities Assistant/Box Office Manager

Fx: 620-421-7003

Out in the Middle of Everywhere!

The Parsons Municipal Auditorium is truly out in the middle of everywhere. Conveniently located within a few short hours drive of ten large Midwestern cities, it is an ideal venue for promoters and organizers to hold concerts and meetings.

A classic 1920s-era civic auditorium, the Parsons Municipal Auditorium has served as the social center of Parsons and the surrounding area for almost 100 years. It has been home to a variety of community-based activities, and scores of well-known entertainers have performed on its stage.

General deterioration and the partial ceiling collapse forced the auditorium's closure in 1974. It remained unused for more than a decade, until a groundswell of public sentiment launched an extensive restoration project, reopening in March 1989.

Since reopening, the 1,568 seat auditorium has hosted hundreds of events, from community-based concerts, holiday programs, dance recital and graduations. It has also hosted famous entertainers, lecturers, and political dignitaries. The auditorium has sponsored numerous programs including concerts by country stars, regional jazz, classical, and folk musicians, and children's theatre productions.

A true showplace for Parsons and Southeast Kansas, the Parsons Municipal Auditorium is...."out in the middle of everywhere!"


Photo by Gary Pollmiller