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Apply For Court Division

Plea Bargain
Any person charged with a misdemeanor or traffic infraction that would like to discuss a plea bargain arrangement needs to contact the City Attorney prior to that persons Court date. The City Attorney will not engage in plea bargain negotiations during a Court session.

The City of Parsons has established a diversion program for eligible infractions. A diversion is simply a contractual agreement between the accused and the city attorney's office that says if the accused meets certain conditions and obligations the case will be dismissed.

Typical diversion agreements require the accused to pay the fine, court costs, restitution (if any) and a diversion fee (either $50 or $100 depending on the charges) as well as not violate the law for a period of time. Some diversion agreements can also include the requirement that the accused obtain anger management counseling or substance abuse counseling. As part of the diversion agreement, the accused must admit that he or she committed the crime.

A person requesting a diversion must fill out an application and return it to the Municipal Court clerk or city attorney. If a person wants to apply for a diversion they must plead not guilty in court if they have not already submitted a diversion application prior to their court appearance. Once a person pleads guilty, he or she would not longer be eligible for a diversion.

NoteA diversion is not a right of the accused. Not all crimes are eligible for diversion. All diversions are granted solely at the discretion of the city attorney.